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Jan 6, 2023

When it comes to any process, there have to be several components. This is no different in developing your perfect quote process. We discuss in this week's blog: insurance Quoting Process to gain customer loyalty.

The first component of the process is building rapport. Building rapport consists of taking the time to introduce yourself and explain why they should do business with you. This needs to be summed up in about a minute and a half of the conversation.

Building rapport consists of fact-finding in a conversational way, looking for common ground, looking for opportunities to build relationships, and building trust. Building rapport must feel like a genuine conversation between two "friends."

We want this process to be different from any other that they have been through to this point. You must assume that you are one of many quotes they have called to get for their insurance needs.

You must look for ways to set yourself apart from any other competition.

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